Tactical / Traditional


Advertising campaign strategy

Planning and developing a strategic plan for your advertising campaign is crucial for marketing success.  Barlen expertly devises coordinated strategies that reliably produce results.

Creative Advertising Development

Great advertising makes people remember your product, not just the ad.  How many times have you liked an ad, yet had no idea what the ad was selling, or remembered who it was for?  Barlen’s creative team produces advertising that gets noticed, while specifically promoting and selling the best aspects of your company, product or service.

Media Planning

Successful advertising is always part of carefully deployed media plan. Our staff expertly analyzes all media available and makes recommendations that will most cost effectively reach the intended audience, and successfully achieve your marketing goals.


Print Ads

Visually stimulating print ads can set the tone for a branding campaign.  Expertly created direct response ads are your salesmen in print.  Barlen has many years of experience creating all types of ads that will achieve your promotional goals.

TV / Video

From creative broadcast commercials, to instructional videos, Barlen provides the video production services that successfully create excitement and produce results for our clients.


Radio is often a cost effective way to reach a mass audience, even in larger markets.  Barlen has the expertise to craft a radio spot for you that will get people to listen and drive results.


Another great mass marketing vehicle, outdoor advertising presents great opportunities.  Barlen capitalizes with succinct messaging and compelling visuals that make people take action.

Direct Mail

Often one of the very best offline, traditional lead generating targeted marketing is direct mail.  From planning, to getting the right lists, to designing and producing the creative piece, to printing and mailing, Barlen effortlessly handles the entire process, and produces tremendous results for our clients.


Presenting large amounts of product information in a visually appealing and sales effective way is one of Barlen’s specialties. Our expertise in organizing, design and execution is second to none.


From corporate capability brochures, to any type of product or promotional literature, Barlen designs, writes and creates innovative materials that are integral to your marketing and promotional strategies.

Annual Reports

Barlen designs professional annual reports that make a statement about your organization and project the proper positive image for your company.


Product Specs Sheets

Make your technical information look great and be easily understood.  Barlen produces sales and spec sheets that present your information in a clean, attractive and professional way.

Tradeshow Booth Displays & Graphics

Barlen designs and executes tradeshow displays that will draw prospects into your exhibit space, reinforce your marketing message, and make the all important positive first impression.

Special Events

Barlen designs and produces all types of special event materials, from invitations and brochures, to special large scale display graphics.  Our unique abilities will make your special event a success.

Seminar / Educational Materials

From workbooks, to manuals, to instructional presentations and video, Barlen creates materials that present your information in a highly professional and easy to understand way to your audience.

Retail Package Design

Looking good on the shelf is critical to the marketing of so many products.  Barlen’s retail product packaging expertise will help you convert more, and increase the sales and marketability of your products.

Retail Point of Purchase Displays

Working hand in hand with successful retail product packaging, Barlen’s effective point of purchase display designs increase sales at retail ground zero.

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