Does your real estate marketing stand above the rest?

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Does your company stand out from the crowd?
What image do you, your company, and your properties project to potential clients?

Barlen has over 25 years of experience successfully marketing for REITS, owners, developers, and brokers specifically in the commercial real estate industry. Let our experts make your marketing efforts more professional, effective, and ultimately more profitable for you and your company.

the right

marketing tools

Email Marketing or Direct Mail? Advertising or Social Media? Perhaps the most important step to improving your marketing is having a plan, and knowing exactly what should go into it to achieve your desired goals.

Whether it’s just one property, or your entire company and its brand, Barlen has the expertise to assess your situation and develop a plan that will work best for you and get results.


Barlen produces a myriad of retail property brochures that are highly effective in leasing space. Barlen understands the important attributes of commercial properties,and can identify the key factors that will make your properties desirable to prospective clients.

From persuasive promotional copy, to custom designed maps and site plans, to professionally shot photos and aerials, Barlen takes care of EVERYTHING to make your properties shine.

Put your properties in their best possible light with a professionally designed brochure produced by marketing experts that understand commercial real estate.

websites and online marketing

Barlen can harness the power of the web to increase your marketing effectiveness with a professional, highly functional web site that will generate results.

Barlen can also create web based marketing campaigns that will drive visitors to your site, making it work even better for you.


Advertising can be a highly effective way to promote your company and its properties. However, when it comes to commercial real estate, it often produces little or no results because it is so poorly executed.

Barlen can devise an advertising program that incorporates a well conceived advertising plan, as well as professionally designed ads that will garner attention and project the right image and attributes for your company and its properties.

targeted direct mail

Barlen can help you generate leads through a targeted mailing program specifically tailored to the tenants you want to reach. We provide a complete turn-key service for you: selecting and acquiring a mailing list; designing a unique professional mailer that creates excitement about your property; printing the mailer; and mailing it for you.

When done RIGHT, these leasing mailers are a smart investment because they pay for themselves many, many times over.

If you are not doing this now, you should! And if you are, we can show you how you can save money and be even more effective over your present source.

public relations 

Does anyone know what your company has accomplished in the last 6 months?

Barlen can create an ongoing professional public relation campaign for you that will supercharge all of your other marketing efforts and produce real results.

An effective public relations program will create a “buzz”. Ongoing distribution of information to relevant media regarding successful real estate deals is a great way to gain visibility in the marketplace and gain more clients. Best of all, it’s FREE!

If you are not capitalizing on this powerful marketing tool, you are missing a great opportunity. And if you don’t do it well, and do it consistently, you are not gaining the real benefits that good public relations can provide.

social Media and Email Marketing

Are you connecting with your prospective clients? Are you keeping in touch with existing clients often enough and in an on-going manner?

Social Media is an effective tool to stay connected to the people you want to reach, as well as be recognized in the industry as an influencer, an expert in your field.

Email Marketing campaigns are effective at promoting properties to existing contacts in a quick, cost effective way that gets deals done.

BARLEN CAN Turn YOUR Marketing goals into reality

virtual marketing department For Commercial Real Estate

All the Benefits of Barlen’s Highly Experienced Marketing Experts on Your Staff WITHOUT All the Expense

Barlen is now offering a custom tailored program designed to perfectly fit your specific ongoing marketing needs in commercial real estate.

Barlen will develop an ongoing marketing program that will achieve your specific goals, yet still be within your budget. We will work with you to develop a strategy specifically for you and your company, and then recommend and produce the right marketing tools to get the job done.

Best of all, with Barlen’s Virtual Marketing Department Program, you reap the benefits of dedicated, highly experienced marketing experts on staff for a FRACTION of the cost of ONE in-house employee. Barlen’s entire staff of dedicated professionals will skillfully and continually execute all aspects of your marketing plan without any of the headaches or expense of trying to manage an in-house team.

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Whether You Need One Brochure, a New Web Site or an Entire Marketing Program, Contact the Barlen Group Now!

Contact Gus Magazzeni at 215-784-9880 or via email at for more information on any of these marketing tools that will help you succeed, or for Barlen’s New Virtual Marketing Department Program for Commercial Real Estate.

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